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Get Help


One thing is certain: our region will never be the same.

We all want to help. Catholic Charities has a really easy way for you to do just that. Money is what is needed now, so that we can continue the vital work of helping people rebuild their lives. Your gift, along with many others, will go to work immediately to provide emergency assistance to extremely vulnerable fire victims in Sonoma, Napa, and Lake counties.

Unlike the more fortunate among us, these neighbors have no back-up plan.  Working families who are unable to buy fire insurance. Seniors on fixed incomes who can’t afford a rent increase. Immigrants who do not qualify for federal disaster aid. Veterans who have searched in vain for a place to call home, and that was before the fires came. These are the people we serve.

Help us help them. Donate what you can. Thank you.




As we prepare to provide long-term solutions for shelter, housing, benefits assistance, and community resource programs to help rebuild lives, your donation will provide the resources necessary to meet our neighbors' needs and help rebuild lives. Simply click here to make your one-time or recurring donation.



All living things require food. Thousands of children and adults in northern California go to bed hungry every single night.  More than a third of families must make a decision to spend whatever money they have on food or on other absolute necessities like heat and electricity.  In one of the most abundant areas in the US, hunger should not happen. To get food, click here.

Shelter & Housing

Breaking the cycle of homelessness requires creating stability – a place to sleep, to shower and dress, to make and receive phone calls about a job. From losing a home to foreclosure, struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, or escaping domestic violence, each person comes with a story that is unique and desperate. ALL are treated with dignity.

We offer emotional support, counseling, information, and education to help you find your way back to living with dignity and hope. To find housing, click here. IN THE EVENT OF EXTREME WEATHER (RAIN, COLD) AND YOU NEED IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE, CALL 707.800.2927 TO BE DIRECTED TO THE NEAREST SHELTER OR WARMING STATION.

To be eligible for services, please complete this form and bring it with you to 600 Morgan Street.

Supportive Services

Avoiding the depths of poverty requires a great deal of personal character and strength. We believe that each person has the potential to be self-sufficient and provide for themselves and their families. We help them achieve that with resources and training to get and keep a job, manage finances, repair their credit, take care of their health and mental stability, and much more. To get help, click here.

Immigration Services

We have run a highly respected office of immigration services since 1975, starting with Refugee Resettlement services. Today we run the largest nonprofit immigration services in Northern California, and are BIA-Accredited (Bureau of Immigration Affairs). To get help, click here.

Senior Services

The aging of America is in the headlines every week.  Unfortunately that also means significant increases in issues of aging as dementia and isolation. Caring for the most vulnerable members of our society is the mission of Catholic Charities, and no more evident than in our Senior Services programs. To get help, click here.