Latest Update on Services

Catholic Charities is on site at the Local Assistance Centers (LAC) for Cal Fresh and MediCal sign-ups and to provide disaster recovery information packets. We have select housing counselors available who are trained in assisting with FEMA applications.

We have been accepting and handing out food and clothing to the people sleeping in our shelters, as well as community members who come in seeking help. However, your monetary donation is vitally important to ongoing efforts. Please DONATE here.  

We are working to connect current staff, volunteers, and clients who have lost housing with options to sustain them for the longer term. We are meeting with elected officials to advocate for recovery policies that protect the most vulnerable – undocumented immigrants, low income families and seniors, existing homeless, and others.  

In the days to come, we will be implementing disaster case management services, which we offered during the Lake County fires last year. This includes enrollment in Disaster CalFresh, a resource that helps replace food lost in the fires. The enrollment window for this benefit starts Tuesday, October 24 and extends for 7 days. For information, call 707.528.8712 and ask for Disaster CalFresh. Additional plans are being developed to help allocate existing available housing to vulnerable populations.