Alzheimer's Respite Resource Center

Alzheimer’s Respite Resource Center adult dementia day care and respite program

Day care and activity program for people with dementia; our care allows family members some time off from care giving. Counseling and support groups for caregivers. State licensed. Contact program manager Michele Osmon, (707) 528-8712 ext. 185.

The program, now in its 30th year, serves all who qualify. Your loved one will enjoy the highest degree of attention in a warm, stimulating environment with caregivers who live up to their title.

Our Respite Center is called “the gold standard” by a well-regarded professional in the field.

Features of our Respite Resource Center
 9 AM – 3 PM Monday, Wednesday, Friday
 Morning snack and hot lunch
 Excellent 1:1 or 2:1 client-to-staff or volunteer ratio
 Staff and volunteers are highly trained and dedicated to the client’s well-being
 Activities are designed to improve communication, mental and physical health
 Daily music, arts and crafts
 A state-licensed facility – cheerful, bright, lively, clean
 Donations based on sliding scale
 Optional monthly caregiver support groups

Benefits of Catholic Charities’ program
Your loved one becomes a member of the family, beginning with a warm greeting each day. S/he is paired with a staff member or volunteer who assures that the day is filled with appropriate activities in a sensitive and loving environment.

Our staff members provide personal attention to each client, and meet each day to discuss client progress. We assist families with intake forms and transportation arrangements; personal/family counseling is available.

We assure the safety of your loved one through conscientious attention to detail and best practices, and continual monitoring of state requirements.

Client Qualifications
 Actively under doctor’s care
 Living at home or with a caregiver
 Diagnosed with a form of dementia

Client donations for daily care are requested, and are based on ability to pay on a sliding scale. Our non-profit rates are the lowest in the community.

We would love to show you the program and facility. Please call and arrange a visit. Call Michele Osmon, (707) 528-8712 ext. 185

Music is an important part of the program, played twice daily


READ about us: Program Becomes "Gold Standard" of Dementia Day Care (North Coast Catholic, Jan 2012) PDF