Coach 2 Career

Coach 2 Career
a job and career counseling program

Employment preparation and counseling services in Santa Rosa for people who need help in gaining employment preparation. Clients engage in 7-week course, individual employment counseling, interview training, Hire Attire workshops, resume-building and computer job searches. Learning Center provides computer education and access with non-threatening, hands-on personal assistance. This program has a remarkable success rate. In 2011, we helped 191 clients and others obtain job offers.

At FSC we have a very strong partnership with probation department and provide community service opportunities at the shelter. We also provide people on probation with Coach 2 Career classes and honor roll outings for those who have gone above and beyond in their community service. Monthly workshops with the Probation department teach clients how to expunge their criminal background.

Contact 542-5426. This program is also referred to as Coach to Career.

These clients gained poise, confidence and jobs through Coach 2 Career.