Family Support Center

Family Support Center - Comprehensive shelter program in Santa Rosa for homeless families serves up to 138 people daily.
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Families come to us from cars, tents and foreclosed homes, and are provided stable shelter with food, clothing, a warm bed, and case management.

Services include case management, employment and housing counseling, referrals for medical screenings, and services designed to move clients toward self-sufficiency.

At FSC we have a strong partnership with probation department. We work with clients on probation with mental health issues by providing them community service opportunities at the shelter. We also provide them with Coach 2 Career classes and more.

Children benefit from a school counselor, evening and after school activities while parents pursue parenting, 12-step, and anger management counseling and Positive Parenting Program (PPP) training. Youth activies and community gardens (photo, right)are managed by Santa Rosa Recreation and Parks.

The shelter is supported by nearly 20 churches and organizations; hundreds of individual and business donors; city, county, state contracts; and Community Foundation Sonoma County and United Way.

FSC is a City of Santa Rosa Community Development Block Grant Public Service Providers Program.

Homework Club, BRIDGES
Family Support Center’s BRIDGES says what it does: it Builds Relations, Integrates Developmental Goals, and Establishes Support for youth.

This after-school program bridges the gap of education, and includes the Discovery Center, Homework Club, monthly themed activities and field trips.

After School program is a structured homework time (Monday – Thursday) in a new study hall with matching desks, a varied library, “sponge” activities (self-selected activities), and skilled tutors.  It has group activities around monthly themes, and a participation chart to track children’s progress.  Those meeting participation goals are rewarded with field trips or horseback riding, which can only accommodate a limited number of students. Some of the children line up after school, anxious to get going!

The Discovery Center Children often come to us without dreams, aspirations, or the knowledge that they can be something. Some only know the culture of homelessness. The purpose of the Center is to help children’s discover that dream. It has computers where kids can play educational games (Hooked on Phonics, a math game, etc.), do supervised internet research for homework or personal interest, and study possible careers. They are encouraged to think and dream big.  There is always a waiting list on the sign-up sheet.

Monthly themed activities are used through the shelter and in organized programs. For example, one month the dining room was turned into a rainforest. During Safety Month (photo left), kids learned stop-drop-roll, bicycle safety, stranger-danger, and a public safety officer talked to students about his work.

Field trips include local colleges, museums, as well as recreational offerings.  

Contact Program Director of Homeless Services & Housing Jennielynn Holmes, (707) 542-5426.

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