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Demystifying Permanent Supportive Housing

The Palms Inn Santa Rosa

Many people inquire about the difference between shelter and supportive housing for individuals experiencing homelessness. With the State of California investing in permanent supportive housing (PSH) more than ever before, we want to take this opportunity to share our role in this incredible work because, without permanent supportive housing, we will not get close to ending homelessness in our region.

Across Sonoma and Napa counties, Catholic Charities provides case management and other support to various sites housing individuals recovering from chronic homelessness. Many residents have experienced homelessness for over a decade or more. Life on the streets took its toll on their health and well-being in unimaginable ways. Permanent supportive housing, like The Palms Inn, is designed to build independent living as well as connect people with community-based healthcare, treatment, and services.

479 people have been housed since The Palms Inn opened in 2016. That's 479 people who left the pain of homelessness behind for a better future. We are honored to serve these individuals with love as they move beyond a brutal life without a home into housing of their own.

As California continues to build on successful strategies to end homelessness, the importance of supportive housing becomes ever-clear. If you read any newspaper, you know the public conversation around these solutions is robust.

While permanent supportive housing may come with a host of complexities, the goal is simple: Home. Every individual housed is another individual who has been given a second chance to rediscover their light and thrive once again. 

As a supporter of Catholic Charities, you are integral to making these solutions successful.

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Photo Credit: Kent Porter, Press Democrat