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The Caritas Homes Ribbon is Cut!

Discover how our Youth and Family Programs help set families up for success...

Caritas Center is open, but we need your help more than ever to help our kids succeed.

Good news! Sonoma County saw an overall 22% decrease in the area’s homeless population last year, including a 24% decline in those identified as being chronically homeless, according to preliminary results of the 2023 PIT Count.

Your gift to Catholic Charities helps our team provide affordable and often free services that reunite families and provide legal pathways to individuals seeking to fully integrate into society and freely come out of the shadows.

What is permanent supportive housing and how is it a solution?

Our response to the Diocese of Santa Rosa's Bankruptcy.

Northern California has been subject to remarkable storms the past couple of weeks, and we may be set for more before the season is over. While we need rain, it seems to be coming all at once, creating an entirely new set of challenges. Continue reading to learn how our team steps in during times like these… 

Read our 21-22 Annual Report!

Thanks to historic levels of support from you and others like you, as well as our community partners and public funders, we mitigated a potentially catastrophic increase in homelessness.

How are unhoused individuals living in their cars or RVs being helped in Santa Rosa? Here is the latest on Safe Parking! 

The City of Santa Rosa has formed a new crisis response team – inRESPONSE: Mental Health Support Team.